Sunday, November 4, 2012

    Move it for Movemeber

    Helloooooo everyone!!

    Happy Movemeber Month! Question for you, do YOU know why it's called Movember? No, it's not just people keepin' a 'stache and showing it off... well, partially haha. Behind this 'stache growing competition is a movement to bring awareness in support of men's health issues like prostate cancer and mental illness across Canada.

    Have you checked out our 'stached out homepage and webstore? I think we rock it pretty well, if I were to say so myself.

    GUESS WHAT WE HAZ?? That's right, business cards! They look sao sexay, we can die.

    We will be checking out the annual Make it Vancouver fair this year! Super stoked as it's our first time evar. Will you be there? Come find us and say hi!

    photo from the Make It Vancouver fair website. looks soooo osum *3*

    Here's a quirky guide for different types of 'staches via Design Taxi: If Fonts Wore Mustaches. What kind of moustache will you be rockin' this month?

    We just might have a mini contest coming up soon, it may or may not involve a photo of you and your stache, fake or real. So stay tuned and start keeping your 'staches!


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