Friday, November 30, 2012

    Swag filled Collab with FreeVancity

    Weeeeee-eeeee! are finally able to tell you about our collaboration that we have kept secret for a few months....

    So for those of you who have been following us, we have been meeting up with Free Vancity, a local organization that actively promotes free upcoming events or happenings around Vancouver. In conjunction to their startup funding project, we have collaborated with them to provide our services and swag that sponsors could potentially win (based on a tiering system).

    For more information on how you too can haz this, visit Free Vancity. 

    Here's the final design on a tee. Photo taken from FreeVancity.

    In addition to this awesome tee, we have also included prize packages that include... cards, laptop stickers, and... a free consultation from TWOANDTEE for your very own tee + other customizable swag! 

    Don't miss out on this! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it! 

    And yes, we have been creating and testing out laptop stickers! Brace yourselves for fantastic decals that will definitely make your friendships jelly. But hey, why not spread the love and get 'em some too : ) PLUS Christmas is just around the corner...and we smell.... a giveaway! Because we can. 

    Stay tuned for exciting news soon, and #spreadtheswag! 

    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    MAKE IT SHOW - The Vancouver Edition

    Before we begin, we'd like to remember those who have fallen for us to protect our country. #lestweforget #remembranceday

    Super exciting stuff in this week's blog post!! We finally visited Make It Vancouver this year! The event was great, lots of people, creative goodies er'where. Here are some photos of the event!

    Located at Croation Cultural Centre in Vancouver. A couple of blocks away from the skytrain station. It was pretty sunny, but mad chilly. Looks like winter is making an early visit this year... Forgot to bring a scarf, was freezing. Luckily the event was held indoors!

    Bought our tickets at the door, $4 for early bird. One time purchase that can be used from Friday to Sunday! Andddd if you keep the ticket, you can redeem a 2 for 1 ticket for the next event. Sweet!

    One of the three halls set up for the event. Tons of people, as you can see. This is just one of the many aisles. Most of the vendors sold jewellery and food. 

    Stopped by to check out awesome work by the talented Gabe Wong, selling calendar and prints (of Canadian animals drawn by him), and these super cute paper men! Reminds me of cubeecraft! Interested in his work, email him at 

    These derp lookin' monsters are toooo adorable! Just look at their faces... and teeth. They're super soft. Some of them even have small sections of fabric (which I assume them to be organs) coming out of their mouth. Dolls were selling for $50+ and up!

    Next find was cabin+cub. I immediately recognized the "Hello Sunshine" brooch from Paperya in Granville Island. Such a pretty design. Fell in love with it all over again. She had tiny bamboo earrings in shapes of squirrels, clouds, and birds. So cute! I wanted to buy them all.

    Walked by this vendor with super cute card designs. They also had assorted mini mini cards for $1 each. How cute is this reindeer one?! Haha. Check out their website here: note+emote.

    Photo from TheTinyFig

    We also dropped by The Tiny Fig to check out her cute creations. I personally have three pairs of earrings from her, all super adorable and of great quality. If you missed this booth, they will be at another upcoming event, Got Craft on Dec 8-9. We are sad to hear your passing, Connie. Thank you for sharing your lovely work with the rest of the world.

    Soap in shapes of bones and guns, anyone? Pretty cool vendor with bad-ass jewellery (in the background).

    Annnnnd I HAD to stop by Kawaii Eats to check out her ADORABLE mameshiba macarons. Sooo cute!! Visit her website for more kawaii nommmsss.

    A map with the list of vendors and a prize draw. 

    Some business cards that I've collected. And here are my purchases of the day!

    Saw many people carrying stones with cactus plants in them. I've always wanted one, and so, yes, I got one. The small ones like these were $15. Felt kinda ripped off... and the seller quickly placed it in the bag while I was asking him questions. Was somewhat annoyed and almost didn't want to buy it anymore. Named it after the Pokemon, Bulbasaur *U*. Only after I came home did I learn that cactus plants aren't good for fengshui.. Hmm.. oh well!
    Also bought an Animal wristlet keychain from Noei. Also recognized her products from Paperya. Had such a hard time choosing which design to buy.. they were all so whimsical and cute!

    Had a great time overall at Make It Vancouver. Will definitely have to look into getting a booth for TWOANDTEE for the next few events and to be a part of the huge creative, crafty community.

    Annnnd to finish off, here's a doodle of the week featuring Jake, the dog from Adventure Timmeeeeee

    And here's a WIP of a digital form haha. Obsessed? Naw, what are you talking about... 

    For your reference, here's where the inspiration started haha. Warning: it'd be stuck in your head for a few days. You're welcome.


    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    Move it for Movemeber

    Helloooooo everyone!!

    Happy Movemeber Month! Question for you, do YOU know why it's called Movember? No, it's not just people keepin' a 'stache and showing it off... well, partially haha. Behind this 'stache growing competition is a movement to bring awareness in support of men's health issues like prostate cancer and mental illness across Canada.

    Have you checked out our 'stached out homepage and webstore? I think we rock it pretty well, if I were to say so myself.

    GUESS WHAT WE HAZ?? That's right, business cards! They look sao sexay, we can die.

    We will be checking out the annual Make it Vancouver fair this year! Super stoked as it's our first time evar. Will you be there? Come find us and say hi!

    photo from the Make It Vancouver fair website. looks soooo osum *3*

    Here's a quirky guide for different types of 'staches via Design Taxi: If Fonts Wore Mustaches. What kind of moustache will you be rockin' this month?

    We just might have a mini contest coming up soon, it may or may not involve a photo of you and your stache, fake or real. So stay tuned and start keeping your 'staches!