Sunday, September 30, 2012


    Goooooodd Sunday er'one! How are you doing today? It's been a while since we've updated! Sorry about that! Here's a quick breakdown of what's been happening over the past TWO weeks:

    If you guys are following us on Facebook and Twitter, you already know that we are giving away a PANDA MENU TEE. Who wouldn't want that?! All you have to do is to enter the contest HERE. Don't forget to check out Foodology for deelischcious eats around Vancouver and Asia!

    CONTEST ENDS OCT. 2nd!!!! Get chur entries in and GET CHUR SWAG ON!! You're welcome.

    Known as the media duo, *United is a team that aims to collaborate and unite all stars across Vancouver through covers, vlogs, and more. Check out their Youtube channel here for awesome covers of popular songs and originals!

    TWOANDTEE has been featured in one of their latest hilarious vlogs. Look forward to more appearances in the future!

    We have also been working on logo and character designs for them. We shall reveal it to you guys... next week! Stay tuned for that.

    We have also been collaborating with Free Vancity for the past two months. We were approached to SWAG up a design for their tees, which they will be giving away as prizes for a top secret project, which is to be revealed REALLY soon... right guys? haha! Sorry, can't show you the design just yet.

    Recently I can't stop listening to Break My Heart - Victoria Duffield. I have been literally pressing the repeat button for two days in a row. Y U SO CATCHY?!

    Thanks again for dropping by! See you again next week for exciting updates. As always...,

    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    Revisiting Our Past

    Hello there sunshine! Such beautiful weather before school starts next week. Hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend! 

    Team TWOANDTEE met up yesterday with a sole purpose to brainstorm and finalize swagtastic stuff. We are proud to say that it's more or less set in stone. Nothing short of awesome fo sho. Lots of work up ahead for us at full speed so stay tuned for updates in the near future!

    Soooo what have we been doing over the past few weeks? Let's just say we had several meetings with FreeVancity, a local company updating news on anything 'free' in Vancouver. Prepare yourselves for swagged out goodies realllll soon! 

    We also dropped some tees for *United, another local startup company that aims to unite talents across Vancouver and help increase exposure through videos and such. Check out their videos and updates on their Facebook page! Look out for our tees in their latest video! 

    Over the weekend, our household has acquired a new paper shredder! Easily amused, I started clearing out old notes to shred and stumbled upon this...

    Remember our past post about the history of TWOANDTEE? If you don't remember, shame on you... just kidding! Check out the link to learn more about it! You might also want to refresh your memory for a mini contest in the near future.... ahem*

    Who says hand drawn cards are old school? Just keepin' it real yo. One of a kind cards are the best. Speaking of "one of a kind"... any kpop lovers out there? Check out GDragon's latest MV. So much swag I don't even. Alright! See you all next week ^^