Sunday, June 17, 2012

    Happy Father's Day & Awesome Updates!

    It's Sunday again! Thanks for dropping by to check out our blog for our weekly updates.

    Before that, we would like to with all the father's out there a very HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! Thank you for your support and sharing your wisdom and life stories with us! Don't forget to wish your Dads and give him a big hug while you're at it! : )

    Team TWOANDTEE have been working hard behind the scenes. Our mini cards and tee giveaways have been delivered to their respective owners. Thanks for your support guys!! We will be hosting another limited edition tee giveaway.... in the near future, so stay tuned and keep checking back! 

    Some tee-rrific photos of the week featuring TWOANDTEE..

    It's always nice to see photos of our swag. Thanks for the support! 

    This week, the both of us have witness many friends graduate and cross the stage. Congratulations everyone!! Here's T reppin' TWOANDTEE with the Panda Menu tee! We have also been working on our swag tags. Check it out, aren't they cute?

    It was hard work preparing these tags! Over 100 of these babies were hand cut by the two of us. It's made out of two sturdy pieces of card stock, which can be used as a bookmark as well. It was hard work but in our opinion, it's not work when you're blessed enough to be doing something that you love with one of your best buds.

    We have more exciting stuff in store, which will be revealed real soon. 

    With that being said, we will end it with our weekly doodle featuring T's current favourite cartoon show: Adventure Time! What's your favourite cartoon? Let us know and leave a comment! 

    Stay awesome and #spreadthelove!

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