Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Week TWO Contest!

    Hi there! Before we begin, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to those who've gave us all the love and support! THANK YOU! *throws confetti*

    It's been about a week since our launch, and the journey has been incredible. To all our new and familiar customers, thank you for your support! *throws more confetti*

    We're pleased to say that we've surpassed 100 followers on Twitter, and 74+ Likes on our Facebook page (to visit our Twitter and Facebook page just click on the hanging tees on the header of our website!)

    Congratulations once again to all our winners of the mini card sets that we've given away so far. Thank you for helping us spread the love and we hope you enjoy them! Check out the photos of our first batch of card prints! Aren't they're so adorable and cute?

    To celebrate week two of TWO&TEE—and as another way for us to show our sincere gratitude for all of the love and support—we have one final give-away. We will be giving away a ONE (1) LIMITED EDITION ONE OF A KIND UNICORN TEE!! (We felt that this is very appropriate given the holiday today and the message of the Unicorn t-shirt)

    This tee was produced as a sample* so this is the only chance you'll get to receive the Unicorn tee in this color variation. Please keep in mind that the sample was produced in a size SMALL (unisex).

    *please note that because this t-shirt was produced as a sample, the printing quality will also reflect that. The quality of our final products are more superior to this one shown.

    For a chance to win this rare, limited edition TWO&TEE Unicorn tee all you have to do are the following:

    1. Follow @twoandtee on Twitter
    2. Tweet "I entered to win a free limited edition Unicorn Tee from @twoandtee. Check it out here:"
    3. Like TWO AND TEE on Facebook 
    4. Leave a comment below and tell us 1) what you like about TWO&TEE and 2) which t-shirt design in our first collection is your favorite
    5. *optional* be a follower of our blog

    Please make sure to use a working e-mail address when you leave a comment so we'll have a way to contact you if you are chosen :)

    This giveaway/contest will be held for a week, up until Sunday May 20 at 11:59PM. We will subsequently announce and likewise contact the winner within the days that follows. It is also open to everyone, which means we will ship internationally.

    Last but not least, our weekly doodle featuring a very special day to celebrate these amazing women in our lives. Happy Mommy's Day to all the mothers out there! Have a tee-rific week! 


    1. Since this is a riddle.. Here I'll answer it
      1) what you would like about TWO&TEE and
      What I like about TWO&TEE

      What I WOULD LIKE <-- to win your contests :P

      What i WOULD LIKE to see ABOUT TWO&Tee
      PUPPIES (drinking TEE ):3

      2) which t-shirt design in our first collection is your favourite
      Panda Menu nom nom nom

    2. Hopefully this answers both questions!

      The "Panda Menu" is defs my fave t-shirt so far. It's got that distinct TWO&TEE flavour that somehow pulls together a slight ounce of morbidity, cuteness, humour, and Asian visual inspiration all into one design.

    3. 1. ME GUSTA TWO&TEE BECAUSE.... its the shiz. and Tee is my idol. *u*
      swag. saooo pro.

      2. I like the sushi roll and the unicorn one. theyre the most lollable. <3

    4. Love the designs, they are very cute! My fav is the Panda Menu.

    5. 1. IT'S (TWO) CU(TEE)!!! HEHEHE
      2. UNICORN <3

    6. 1. I love the designs and cute images on the products and the website!
      2. My favourite t-shirt design is the Rockin' Milkshake


      saoooo cyut.


    8. What I like about two and tee is that your designs are cute and whimsical. My favorite design from the first collection is the panda bear.

    9. 1// I seriously love all the vector art. I can't imagine the time spent on each character and the overall branding and identity of TWO&TEE.

      2// Wow this is hard.. hahah to decide between all those shirts! I'd have to say top 3 in no particular order for me is Panda Menu *nom nom nom*, Hipster cat.. since I'm a hipster 8D, & the Unicorn tee.. Who doesn't want to be a unicorn

    10. 1) Designs are so cute and witty(?) hahaha

      2) I reeeaaally like the unicorn design! I LOL'ed when I saw it and kind of reminded of myself in the most not odd way.